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Regional development

When working with regional development, it makes no difference to us at Biosynergy whether we work in an industrial country or a developing country. The object and the work methods are the same – to create biosynergy, i.e. to create a sustainable basis for living for people and nature in a given area.

Taking our starting point in local conditions and considering a number of factors, such as geography, climate, facilities, the people and their culture, we develop projects, which are optimal for the area. This way they are more likely to be sustainable.

Development in third world countries
In recent years, projects in developing countries have become a major part of Biosynergy’s work. Deploying our optimal growing systems and our knowledge of plant substances and their use, we develop sustainable projects, which can create a new basis for living for poor peoples in remote areas.

Biosynergy’s development projects in third world countries are always founded in local conditions and aim to exploit the resources, both human and nature’s, which are already present in the area. This is the way we make it possible for the local population to grow crops that are competitive on quality and can ensure them a lasting source of income.