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Biosynergy A/S, growing systems
Biosynergy A/S, Optimal growing systems

Case: The apple orchard

The greatest and most expensive challenge involved in organic apple growing is keeping the rows free of weeds. That is why Biosynergy has developed a technology that can halve the expenses related to weed management. With this growing system we also deliver a larger and earlier growing crop and give the plants optimal growing conditions to prevent scurvy and other diseases.

The core of the growing system is to use plants with air-cut roots, which can be planted out in a weed cloth. By using plants with air-cut roots we make the root systems more effective so that they have a larger soil volume to take up water and nutrients. This also yields larger fruit. Along with the effect of the weed cloth, which eliminated competitors to the soil’s nutrients we only have to use green manure as fertiliser. This generates a more even uptake of nitrate, which again contributes to making the trees more resistant to scurvy.

Bedding out takes place in August, when the plants have concentrated their growth in the roots. In this way we achieve harmony between root and crown and a better potential for growth, which can yield a crop one year earlier. This is obviously of great importance for the farmer who can get a faster return on his investment. This can be particularly important with apple crops as an apple tree’s resistance to scurvy decreases over time.

In the organic apple orchard, we also seek to create greater bio diversity to enable the system to keep a balance between pests and beneficial insects. That is why we have planted the trees with rows of a certain distance to allow for a row of flowering plants that will attract buzzing fliesto keep aphids at bay. This crop between the rows can also be source of income for the apple farmer within the first year of the establishment of the orchard.

The apple orchard is an example of Biosynergy’s working method, which is about thinking up win/win situations that become the solution to more than one problem.

In the organic apple orchard we exploit nature’s own regulating mechanisms to grow apples of competitive quality – both in terms of taste and health.