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Martin Jorgensen

Martin Jørgensen is director and idea developer at Biosynergy A/S, which he founded in 1989. With a systemic strategy and a focus on ecology and sustainability, Martin has succeeded in making Biosynergy a European leader in growing systems for specific purposes, designed plants and growing plants with the aim of optimising specific secondary metabolites.

In recent years, Martin has been focused on using his growing and manufacturing techniques in the service of society. This has resulted in solutions to environmental and health problems - and in projects that have created a new basis for living for populations in remote areas of developing countries.

In 2000, Martin relocated the company to the small island of Skarø where a micro-climate with many sun hours and fewer frosty days provide good conditions for growing herbs. Likewise, the tranquillity and the intimacyof island life provide particularly good circumstances for those creative thoughts and ideas that are the foundation of Biosynergy’s work.