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Read more about the project and our partnership with Chaudhary Biosys Nepal Limited
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Nepal - a herb supermarket
on the roof of the world


Nepal is a country with exceptional biodiversity. The Nepalese flora consists of over 7,000 flowering and non-flowering plants. Of these, around 1,500 species are medicinal plants, of which only very few today are grown and exploited commercially.

Nepal’s potential to make herb production a significant source of income is enormous, but it requires that the Nepalese get the possibility to carry out the processing to a higher degree than they do now. Of the approximately 20,000 tons of herbs exported annually, 90% is sent out of the country unprocessed. Processing into products- i.e. the real value-adding activities take place abroad. This does not benefit Nepalese society.

Along with the Nepalese company, Chaudhary Biosys Nepal Ltd., Biosynergy have devised a development project based on growing and processing herbs, which will create a new basis for living for the population of a number of local areas in Nepal. The project involves activities at all stages, from growing to processing and sales. The vision is that Nepal becomes world recognised for its high quality of herbs and herb products and that this becomes a growing source of income for the country.